31 May + 15 June 2012

We never claimed to be the luckiest band in the world. After having the experience of playing with a faulty PA mixer that actually burned during the show in front of 500 people, we thought that nothing ever could go worse...Of course mr. Weather had a different opinion! 

May 31 / 7pm . After having plugged all cables and got ready to start checking the sound, first raindrops began falling at the Thessaloniki City Hall's wonderful outdoor amphitheatre! Until 8.30, it kept raining cats and dogs, oh yes...with some intermissions of no rain and with us believing that we could re-plug, re-prepare the show from scratch. We packed and unpacked our instruments like 3 times for a show that was inevitably cancelled, since the outdoor stage in the meanwhile had turned into a lake.

June 15. YHIM and 2L8, promised each other and to the people that were willing to come to the show, to give it a second chance. Many thank yous to Eva Kousiopoulou and the department of Culture of Municipality of Thessaloniki for trusting our music and believing it could be a wonderful night; which it was:

photos by Paris Parisis (www.parisis.gr)