TOUR with Yann Tiersen @ Athens/ Patra/ Thessaloniki

14/15/16 november 2009

It was the most flattering proposal ever made to us and, we believe, the peak of our concert hitory ;) A tour with Yann Tiersen! It was an unbelievable luck to share the stage with a composer who changed the way we play and perceive music, influenced our aesthetics and coloured our memories. We're talking about a strong personal moment too. So, fatigue and exhaustion could not touch us, even though we had to drive across pretty much the whole greece (and back) in 3 days! Here's a summary of what happened:

And here are the reviews about some of the shows:

LastFM review for Athens/Fuzz Club

LastFm review for Thessaloniki/Principal Club Theatre review for Athens/Fuzz Club