OUT NOW: Did you hear about Manos of YHIM recording an EP in Iceland with locals? "Sólfar" is finally OUT, on Record Store Day, the 16th of April 2016!

“…Already at his second solo release, Manos Milonakis travels to Iceland to collaborate with local musicians and record the story of “Sólfar” (=the sun voyager). With the sun being his only guide, “Sólfar” crossed mountains, endless wild forests, jungles and waterfalls only to reach the coast, construct a boat and sail towards the homeland (he believed) he had. A naive, yet passionate, quest for intimacy in unexplored places. How far can instict lead you? A story narrated by piano, a string quartet, drums and subtle electronics…”

Get your copy, or listen online by clicking on the image or link: