Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art

4 december 2010

While recording their latest album, Your Hand in Mine decide to take a break, leave the studio and try out some of their new compositions live. This time, they are hosted by an old friend, Thessaloniki's International Film Festival and a new one, Macedonian Museum of Modern Art (MMCA) to give a show at the wooden amfitheatre of the museum on December 4th. Here is a video sample:

17 may 2011

 5 months later, Manos and George give another appointment at the same museum, this time with a new album inside their backpack. "The Garden Novels" are presented live for the first time in the museum, even though some light rain didn't let us narrate them out loud, as it was intended, in the museum's wonderful "Garden"... (for more info regarding the new album, check soon, at the MUSIC section)