We're happy to announce that Manos Milonakis, the half duet of Your Hand in Mine, has just released his new theatrical soundtrack "ZYKLON"!

Original score for Thanassis Triaridis’ theatrical play "Zyklon or the destiny", directed by Yiannis Paraskevopoulos.

"...The thick darkness, the condition of encapsulation, the poisonous gas, as well as the sense of spacetime-swing that this play emits, inspires the composer to experiment with evocative, electronic and almost spacey sounds. The dark energy of the past takes shelter into stories of the present, the piano gets blurry and Giuseppe Verdi’s romanticism relives through looped cellos and music boxes."

The theatrical play’s soundtrack is OUT NOW and available at:

BANDCAMP, ITUNES, SPOTIFY, AMAZON and in limited physical handmade copies around selected record stores in Thessaloniki (Lotus, Stereodisc) and Athens (Vinyl Microstore)

--click cover to listen--